Creating Contemplative and Peaceful Individuals, Organisations, Cities and Nations

Because the world is noisy and distracting, you might tend to live your life looking outward rather than looking inward. This creates a disconnect between you and yourself, between the voice that is influenced by the outside world and the voice that wants you to be fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful, between your head and your heart.

When you spend time with yourself in Contemplation, you create a deeper connection with yourself. Using the Adios principles, you also create your own decision making system, a framework, that helps you make the right decisions. This ensures that you do not get unduly influenced by external noise and have the clarity and also the courage to do the right thing.

Our vision is to enable individuals to become more contemplative by learning the habit of Contemplation, and become more peaceful by using the Adios principles to make their critical decisions. These individuals will be the future city and nation builders and we seek to achieve our vision of making cities and nations more contemplative and peaceful through these individuals.

We envision a world where two heads of state meet on an international platform and both of them are practitioners of Contemplation and the Adios principles. That is the surest way of creating a more peaceful world.

The scenario today is that restless political leaders are speaking to each other and attempting to create a peaceful world. Restless people cannot create a peaceful world. Only peaceful people can. If you don't embody stillness, calmness and peace, you should not lead a nation.

We have also created a framework to enable organizations (for profit or otherwise) to build their business on a foundation of Contemplation of Values, Non Financial Vision and Culture. This will enable us to create more inspiring organizations in the future.

I See a World

Tarun Gulati

An Adios world is a world where people are more thoughtful, possess the courage to do the right thing and hence are more peaceful.

I see a world, not too far away, where to decide what work to do, you start with asking yourself what will make me feel more fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful and then ask yourself what am I good at, what do I love doing, what can improve wellbeing in the world and what will pay me.

I see a world where you find yourself first, then find a friend in someone and then see if you can find a partner in that person rather than getting into a relationship without knowing yourself well enough.

I see a world where you view yourself as a caretaker in the relationship, where you ask yourself what can I give to my partner, rather than what did I not get from them. You take the three vows - I will care for you forever. I will respect you forever. I will be your friend forever.

Not too far away, I see a world where despite being thoughtful if you ended up in a wrong relationship, you recognise that early on and do what makes you more peaceful before it is too late.

I see a world where as a parent you are a living example of being thoughtful, calm and wise so your child naturally looks up to you as being their best guide in life; where as a parent you understand that bringing the best toys, gifts and holidays for your children is nice, but that alone won’t help them create a fulfilling, purposeful and peaceful life and it is your responsibility as a parent to create that environment at home through your own conduct and character.

I see a world where you don’t neglect taking care of your loved ones when they need you the most, where you don’t avoid your responsibilities by thinking you are too busy doing something that’s so important, but have the ability to make the right decision, the decision that makes you feel more fulfilled and peaceful.

I see a world, not too far away, where you build a business by finding yourself first, by asking yourself what are my values, what is my non financial vision for this business, what is my desired culture for this institution and accordingly how do I define and implement my hiring process in accordance with that desired culture, where my team members’ wellbeing is my first priority; a world where you as a business leader take the time and patience to let the fire of Silence and Contemplation shape your inner metal so you develop the conviction and intensity necessary to inspire your current and future team members and to guide them toward your non financial vision, to create an institution that is purposeful and peaceful and also financially successful.

I see a world where as the leader of a nation you find yourself first, you speak less, you think deeply on a daily basis on how do I create a nation where your people feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful rather than shallow, restless and excited, how do I create a nation that inspires every other nation in the world to be more calm, caring and wise.

Not too far away I see a world where you know deep within what will make you feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful and you focus your energy on making that happen rather than proving to others that you are smarter or superior.

I see a world where you speak slowly and thoughtfully, making every word of yours count when it should.

Not too far away, I see a world where a prison is seen as a place for mental transformation rather than physical confinement, where inmates are turned into future leaders of inspiring institutions and nations.

I see a world where schools and universities produce people who are thoughtful and wise rather than impulsive and clever.

I see a world where the physiological doctors are taught Contemplation as part of their curriculum and have the ability to understand and treat a physical disease starting with the mind rather than only treating the symptoms or the physical aspect of it.

I see a world where lawyers are also wise and conscientious counsellors of their clients rather than merely being their clever allies.

I see a world, where scientists regularly use Contemplation to find deep insights and make new scientific discoveries, where the mind-molecule complex is an established protocol.

I see a world where people use silence as their guiding light, rather than merely unfettered speech and argument as your tools to solve problems.

Not too far away, I see a world where people are deeply connected with themselves and are not dependent on constant external validation, attention or appreciation, where every individual regularly engages in a dialogue with themselves in silence on what will make them feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful.

I see this world very clearly.

Let us create this world.

Let us create an Adios world.