Oneness Quotient (OQ)

OQ is the fundamental measure of your mental wellbeing. A high OQ is critical to be able to make the right decisions in life, whether personal or professional. Leaders must have a high OQ for them to be able to lead in an inspiring manner.


Your Oneness Quotient - OQ - measures your ability to make such choices that keep you more peaceful.

It tells you what proportion of the time you make decisions that are aligned with creating a fulfilling, purposeful and peaceful life.

It tells you how one you are with yourself, how deeply connected you are with yourself.

Why OQ

The quality of your life depends on how you feel. If you feel good, the quality of your life is good. If you feel not so good, the quality of your life is not so good.

If the quality of your life boils down to how you feel, the question then is - how would you like to feel?

If you want to feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful, then you need to make such choices, such decisions, that make you feel that way. If you make wrong choices, you will feel not so fulfilled and less peaceful.

To make the right choices, you need two things:

  • A deep connection with yourself, so you know yourself well enough, and
  • Your own personal, customised system of making the right choices

A high OQ means you have the right state of mind so you can make the right choices. You can maintain a good OQ score by working on the various OQ parameters along with a regular habit of Contemplation.

To check the OQ parameters, please go through the OQ assessment.