Adios Leadership Program

The Adios Leadership Program trains you in Contemplation so you remain deeply connected with yourself as a leader. This enables you to make the right decisions with complete conviction and no stress and also helps you find creative solutions to achieve organizational success way beyond financial success.

Contemplation is the technology of the future and can provide you a new competitive advantage.

About the program

Being busy with operations is certainly useful, but a leader needs to periodically disconnect and look within. To create depth in your leadership, you need to spend at least 20 to 30 per cent of your time on Contemplation.

Contemplation is deep thinking - thinking intensely about matters that matter.

  • Contemplation on personal values provides clarity of thought.
  • Contemplation on your vision provides conviction and substance.
  • Contemplation on organisational subroutines provides ideas for innovation.

The Adios Leadership Program is designed to train you in the habit of regular Contemplation. It helps you define your personal guidelines in line with your values, which provides clarity of thought so you can make decisions that are right for you. It trains you to contemplate on achieving global thought leadership and not just product leadership. It trains you to contemplate on a non-financial vision and the culture you would like to create to achieve that vision.

It is one thing to know you need to ignore the market noise while making a decision. It is quite another to have the skill to be able to do so. The program trains you to be able to block all unnecessary external influences and make a decision you must make. It is a practice-intensive and not an intellect-intensive program - think fitness training rather than classroom teaching.

From Shakespeare to Alan Turing, people have used Contemplation extensively over the years. This program now codifies and algorithmizes it. That is why it works.

Contemplation is the only method to generate deep insights and true innovation.

How does it work

You will go through the 8 week Adios Contemplation Program where you will be trained to practice a regular routine of Contemplation. You will learn multiple Adios principles that you will use during your personal Contemplation sessions during the week to make better personal and professional decisions.

Even though you are at work, if something in your personal life is bothering you, it is not easy to ignore it and focus on your work. The Adios program helps you improve clarity of thought and peace of mind in both your personal and professional dimensions.

At work, the program will help you manage stress better, make the right decisions and make them faster and inspire your team members to become a better version of themselves.

Clarity of thought is everything.

If you know what to do in every situation and why, if you know what will make you more fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful, and if you have the courage and motivation to do it, no other prize or award comes even close to that.

Tarun Gulati, Founder

The program will train you to excel in the following leadership skills

Strategic Vision

Crafting a clear and compelling vision for your organization and be able to communicate it effectively to inspire and align your teams.

Strategic differentiation

Being able to use Contemplation to differentiate yourself from competition, build on your strengths and succeed despite rigorous competition.


Making the right decisions by weighing the pros and cons and having strong conviction in every such decision. During the 8 week training, you will be trained to use the Adioscope - our decision making tool - to systematically make personal and professional decisions using Contemplation on the Adios principles.

Impactful Communication

You will communicate much more powerfully because clarity of thought gives you the power of speaking clearly with conviction. You will speak more from your heart than your head.

Emotional Intelligence

The program will help you create a deep connection with yourself which will help you manage your emotions as well as those of others quite well. You will build stronger relationships because of your improved authenticity and resolve conflicts more calmly.

Problem Solving and Innovation

You will get significantly better at solving complex problems, critical thinking and creating innovation repeatably and predictably by using Contemplation to find deep insights and creative solutions. Contemplation is the crux of innovation.

Influence and Persuasion

Your ability to influence and persuade others will improve significantly, whether it's gaining buy-in for initiatives, negotiating with stakeholders, or inspiring change.

While the external world urges you to stay connected 24 X 7, what you need to do is quite the opposite - disconnect, turn inward, and Contemplate.

Program Schedule

Week 1

  • Introduction to Contemplation
  • Principle 1: Twin Voices
  • Principle 2: The Urge to Prove
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 2

  • Principle 3: What is Right for You (Part 1)
  • Principle 4: Non Comparison and Non Judgement
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 3

  • Principle 5: What is Right for You (Part 2)
  • Principle 6: Negative Thoughts
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 4

  • Principle 7: Impact of Speech (Part 1)
  • Principle 8: Peace of Mind
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 5

  • Principle 9: Impact of Speech - Part 2
  • Principle 10: Desire and Dependence
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 6

  • Principle 11: Looking Inward vs Outward (Part 1)
  • Principle 12: Peace of Mind during the day
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 7

  • Principle 13: Looking Inward vs Outward (Part 2)
  • Principle 14: Define your Next Version
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week

Week 8

  • Principle 15: Train your Internal Search Engine
  • Principle 16: Form vs Substance
  • Contemplation and Journaling
  • Adioscope
  • Assignment for the Week