What is Contemplation?

Contemplation is not the same as thinking as we know it. It is thinking in a specific manner with a specific objective.

Contemplation 101

Contemplation is deep thinking – thinking deeply about matters that matter. Contemplation is not the same as thinking. Thinking is the continuous stream of thoughts that go through our mind, consciously or unconsciously. These thoughts may or may not stay for very long on our mind. They may come and go as they please. Contemplation, on the other hand, is thinking about a particular matter that is important to you:

  • very consciously, by specifically deciding to think about it
  • and also resolving to not think about anything unrelated for the moment
  • thinking about this matter very deeply
  • thinking deeply with the objective of digging deeper to analyze it
  • using the Adios principles as a guide to think through the matter
  • with the objective of finding an answer, insight, or a solution
  • that makes you peaceful

So, Contemplation is a deliberate act of thinking about something that is important, with the objective of analyzing it in detail using the Adios principles, to find an answer that leads to a peaceful state of mind.