Clarity and Peace through Contemplation
- 15 day Free Email Course

In this introductory email course to Contemplation, you will receive four lessons over 15 days - two lessons each week. These lessons will explain the basics of Contemplation and introduce a few Adios principles that you can start using in your daily life to make the right choices.

You will also be given certain exercises you need to do using Contemplation on these principles. These exercises will help you improve your clarity of thought and peace of mind.


A regular practice of Contemplation will help you make the right choices in multiple areas in your life.

  • If you live your life largely focused on the outside, you may not create a deep connection with yourself, so you tend to make critical decisions by either imitating others, or impulse or emotion.
  • You might choose the wrong partner because you don't really know yourself well.
  • You may behave inappropriately with your partner because you are not clear about how to choose what to say/do and not.
  • You may choose a company not aligned with your values only because it is well known or pays well.
  • You may choose work that may not align well with your life only because many others are doing so.

Adios helps you develop a regular habit of Contemplation - thinking deeply - so you can know yourself well. It also helps you create your own decision making system using certain principles you learn in the Adios program so you can make choices that are right for you. Those choices may not be right for your friend or colleague, but they would be right for you.

Adios helps you train your inner counsellor, so you do not need to be dependent on outside advice very often. You can take external advice to the extent necessary, but have the ability within yourself to find your own solution.

The Adios Contemplation framework and the principles were developed by Tarun Gulati from his personal experience and experimentation with Contemplation for more than 15 years. ADIOS stands for A Dialogue In Objective Silence. It is a dialogue that you have with yourself, objectively, in silence.

This 15 day free email course will get you started on your Contemplation journey. If you believe Contemplation can help you make better decisions, you should consider subscribing to the one year Adios membership.