Oneness Quotient

The metric to monitor the mental fitness level of an individual, organization, city and nation

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Releasing in September, 2023

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If you would like to be informed when the book is released and when Tarun might be travelling to your city for a book launch session, please leave your details here and we will keep you posted. His book launch session will be less like a conventional book launch and signing session and more like a Contemplation workshop so you will experience the Adios method first hand during the book launch

Pre-order Benefits

The first few people who pre-order the Contemplation book will receive the following additional benefits.

Exclusive Group Q&A Session

You will get exclusive access to a private online Q&A session with Tarun Gulati, our founder and the author of the Contemplation book. You will be able to ask questions, gain insights and connect with like-minded individuals who share your interest in Contemplation.

This session is only available to the first few people who pre-order the Contemplation book, so be sure to secure your spot now!

Free Audiobook

The first few people who pre-order the Contemplation book will also receive a free audiobook version of this book.

Discount on the Adios Contemplation Program

As a pre-order customer, you'll receive a special discount on our Adios Contemplation Program on the app. This program will provide you with the complete Adios system and method to improve your clarity of thought and peace of mind. The Contemplation book will give you the knowledge. The program will help you practice and inculcate that knowledge into your life systematically and methodically.

This is applicable to everyone who pre-orders the Contemplation book.

Discount on one-on-one coaching

If you pre-order the Contemplation book and choose to avail the discounted program on the app and if you want to go deeper in your Contemplation experience by signing up for personalised coaching with Tarun during the program, you will be eligible for a discounted fee for your one-on-one coaching with Tarun for 8 weeks.

This is available only to a few people because of the limited time Tarun has for personalised coaching.

15-Minute One-on-One

The first few people who pre-order the Contemplation book will have the opportunity to schedule a 15-minute one-on-one call with Tarun. This 15 min personalized coaching session will help you gain clarity and address any specific questions or concerns you may have related to Contemplation.

To make the most of this opportunity, it is recommended to use this session only after you have read the Contemplation book and not before. If you choose not to use the 8 week personalised coaching option, it is recommended that you use this 15 min coaching opportunity after going through half the Adios Contemplation Program on the app so Tarun can study your Contemplation practice progress and guide you better.