Looking Inward vs. Outward

May 13, 2023ยท5 mins

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The goal of a human being is not the pursuit of happiness. It is the pursuit of peace of mind. Our overarching objective is to create a fulfilling and peaceful life. To be able to do that, there is prerequisite. You should be deeply connected with yourself. But there is a powerful obstacle that can keep you from doing that. The world today is scientifically designed and well funded to attract, and subsequently, retain your attention outside. But to be deeply connected with yourself, you must bring your attention to the inside. Contemplation is your tool to do that.

Living your life looking outside means you are too focused on how others perceive you, you long for attention, appreciation and external validation, you give in to an urge to prove you are right or another is wrong more than you should and you long to impress others, show how clever you are, etc. Because you keep your attention mostly outside, you might be well connected outside but not so well connected with yourself. That could create for you an exciting life, an adventurous life, a materially successful life perhaps, but a fulfilling and peaceful life is quite unlikely.

Looking inside much more than looking outside is the way to go. Your urge to prove must turn into an urge to probe. Your longing for external attention or validation must turn into a longing to discover your core guiding principles, what drives you, and your personal non-financial vision for the next few years. Values, not valuation.

Looking inward much more than looking outward will keep you focused, courageous and peaceful.

Think about it.