What is the Adioscope?

The Adioscope is your best friend. It is a decision making tool that helps you make the right decisions - decisions that are right for you today in your current phase of life - in your personal and professional life.

Make the right decisions without relying on anyone else - your personal microscope for life - to make critical decisions in your personal and professional life on your own.

The Adioscope is like your personal microscope for life. During your Contemplation sessions, you will consider a real-life situation and run it through your Adioscope. It provides you with a step-by-step decision-making framework. It asks you questions that help you think through the matter more deeply.

Adioscope is designed to help you take a particular real-life situation or question through the various Adios principles, provide trigger questions to help you think through that situation with respect to each Adios principle, and achieve better clarity of thought as a result. Certain principles may apply to your situation and certain may not. That is almost always the case. Sometimes, just one or two principles apply so strongly that you get the clarity you were looking for and you look no further. In certain other instances, you may Adioscope a situation multiple times, and peel the layers of the onion gradually to reveal the final clarity.