Adios Principles

Contemplation on the following principles of Adios helps you improve your clarity of thought, which enables you to make such decisions that increase your peace of mind.

1. Twin Voices

Sometimes in certain situations, you hear two or more than two voices inside your head. You need to be able to clearly identify and differentiate between these voices and ask yourself - pursuing which voice will make me more peaceful in the long run?

2. The Urge to Prove

Do you experience an urge to prove that you are right, or someone else is wrong in your personal, professional or social interactions? If you give in to that urge, does that make you feel more peaceful or more restless?

3. The Urge to Share

Do you experience an impatience to share things with others in person or online the moment you learn them? Does that make you feel more peaceful or more restless?

4. Negative Comparison

Negative comparison with others that makes you feel inferior usually happens because of lack of internal clarity. Use Contemplation to gain and retain internal clarity so you focus on what makes you feel more fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful.

5. Right vs Wrong

Whatever makes you more peaceful is right for you. Whatever makes you less peaceful or more restless is wrong for you.

6. Feels good vs feels right

If something feels good in the moment, does it also feel peaceful in the long run? If something feels bad in the moment, does it feel peaceful in the long run?

7. Negative thoughts

Consider negative thoughts to be normal. Everyone experiences them. Instead of feeling bad or guilty about them, consider them to be dust gathered on your mind. Focus on wiping the dust off.

8. Negative Speech

Remove all kinds of negative speech from your routine. It usually makes you less peaceful.

9. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is what remains after you remove everything that makes you restless. Find the elements that make you restless, remove them, and add elements that make you more peaceful.

10. Quantity of Speech

You must speak less throughout the day. More silence helps you create the right environment for Contemplation.

11. Looking inward vs outward

You must focus on looking inward and remaining connected to yourself as you go through your day. Focusing too much on the outside, on external validation, appreciation or attention usually keeps you more restless.

12. Breaking up your day

Break up your day in smaller sections of 3-4 hours each and aim to get that section to be peaceful. Review after each section and make corrections if necessary for the next section of the day.

13. Define your next version

Plan your life in terms of your Adios year and not the calendar year. Your Adios year runs from your birthday to birthday. Break up the year into quarters and months ending on the same date of the relevant month. This makes it much more personal. Define the next version of yourself - the version you want to be by your next birthday.

14. Internal search engine

Use your internal search engine to find answers to critical questions in your life. Train it well and use it often to get results efficiently.

15. Form vs Substance

You should be able to differentiate between appearance and substance in various situations you might come across. Don't focus too much on form while ignoring substance. Strong substance sets a strong foundation. Only good appearance with weak substance may not make you very peaceful in the long run.